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MFD Karein Shuru: Start your Mutual Fund Distributors Business Today

Updated: Jan 22

Table of Content:
  • Where Mutual Fund Distributors step into the MFD Karein Shuru Campaign 

  • What is the Association Mutual Funds of India?

  • AMFI includes the following members: 

  • Objectives & Role of AMFI

  • How to Register & Become an Amfi Member?

  • National Institute of Securities Market (NISM)

  • Nism Series V Certification

  • AMFI Registration Number(ARN)

  • The ARN Significance: 

  • What is MFD Karein Shuru Campaign? 

  • Frequently Asked Question About MFD Business Karein Shuru 

MFD Karein Shuru Campaign

Are you a finance enthusiast with a keen interest in mutual fund investments? MFD Karein Shuru

Become a Mutual Fund Distributor today & forge a successful career in the mutual funds industry! MFD Karein Shuru: Start your MFD Business with Assetplus.

The mutual funds industry has grown exponentially in the last two decades in terms of schemes introduced, assets managed, and the number of investors pooling their assets. Despite this, only some investors enter the investment field with sound knowledge of the market and the ability to evaluate and forecast it. Besides, there is a massive gap between the number of investors and the effectiveness of AMCs in managing investments.

This is where Mutual Fund Distributors step into the MFD Karein Shuru Campaign

Mutual Fund Distributors encourage potential investors to subscribe to different mutual fund schemes launched by Asset Management Companies. Thus, the role of Mutual Fund Distributors is that of a financial intermediary providing investment advice to investors and acting as agents to Asset Management Companies.

To bridge the gap between investors and AMCs through MFDs, the Association of Mutual Funds of India (AMFI) launched a campaign called "MFD Business Karein Shuru," effective from 12th July 2022. The primary objective of this campaign is to encourage individuals to consider the career of a mutual fund distributor for achieving financial success while also boosting the development of the Indian mutual funds industry.

This article is a detailed guide to help you learn about AMFI Mutual Fund Distributor as a regulatory body, its objectives and role in the mutual funds industry, its MFD Karein Shuru Campaign, AMFI Registration Number, and more. Let us begin your "MFD Business Karein Shuru" with Assetplus.


The Association of Mutual Funds in India, also known as AMFI, is a non-profit organization set up in 1995 by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) to oversee the mutual funds industry in India. It is a regulatory body that aims to boost the development of India's mutual funds sector. AMFI strives to ensure that stakeholders maintain the highest ethical and professional standards. Thus, the objective of AMFI is to protect the interests of both mutual fund companies and investors alongside strengthening the mutual funds market.

AMFI includes the following members:
  • Mutual fund companies that roll out mutual fund schemes for investment (also known as Asset Management Companies).

  • AMFI Mutual Fund Distributors (MFD) act as intermediaries to help investors invest in the proper mutual fund schemes.

  • The common public invests in mutual fund schemes to maximize personal wealth and contribute to industry growth.

Let us learn how AMFI regulates the Indian Mutual Funds Industry and its objectives.


The primary objective of AMFI is to regulate the Indian mutual funds industry by enhancing investment transparency and promoting investor education. AMFI strives to resolve disputes arising in the mutual funds' investment space and establish investor trust. In addition to these, AMFI streamlines the following aspects of the mutual fund industry:

  1. Establish and maintain high standards of professionalism and ethics throughout the mutual fund industry.

  2. Recommend best business practices and code of conduct to be followed by members engaged in introducing mutual fund schemes and management of assets.

  3. Involvement with (SEBI) and other industry regulators and represent on their behalf.

  4. Conduct nationwide investor awareness programs to help investors understand mutual funds and protect their interests.

  5. Circulate information on the Mutual Fund Industry and undertake studies and research directly and in association with other bodies.

  6. Regulate the conduct of distributors, including disciplinary actions for any violations.

Now that we know about the objectives and role of AMFI in the Indian mutual funds industry, let us dive into the process of registering and becoming a member of AMFI Mutual Fund Distributor.


AMFI has authorized Computer Age Management Services Pvt. Ltd. (CAMS) to act on its behalf for processing the registration of members/intermediaries. Eligible individuals /organizations can register in the following manner:

  • Register online through the CAMS website or visit the nearest branch of CAMS, obtain the application and Know your Distributor (KYD) form, fill in the required details, and submit them along with payment of registration fees.

  • Submit all the required documents as listed below in addition to applicable registration fees, which is Rs.1,500+GST. (Kindly note that this fee amount is subject to change. Check the official AMFI website to know the latest fee amount):

  1. Copy of NISM VA: Mutual Fund Distributors Certification Examination

  2. Copy of Aadhaar Card

  3. Copy of Pan Card

  4. Proof of Bank Account

  5. Two Passport-sized photos

  • Once the registration process is complete, AMFI will share the Letter of Registration with the registered email address. AMFI will allot a unique ARN to the individual/organization on successful registration.

The primary requirement for becoming an AMFI member is the NISM VA: Mutual Fund Distributors Certification. Let us know what the NISM is and the importance of this certification.

Alternatively, you can message us on WhatsApp, and our team will help you to apply for NISM VA certification for free. Click here to WhatsApp.


The National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) is a public trust established in 2006 by SEBI to facilitate various capacity-building activities at multiple levels. NISM aims to enhance the quality standards in securities markets. The institute functions through six schools of excellence that work to create and maintain professionalized conduct of the securities markets. The School of Certification of Intermediaries (SCI) conducts all the certification examinations. The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has made it mandatory that any entity or person engaged in the marketing and selling mutual fund products pass the NISM Certification and obtain ARN/Employee Unique Identification Number (EUIN) registration number.


The purpose of the NISM Series V certification is to enable people to become successful mutual fund distributors by obtaining basic and advanced knowledge of mutual funds, enhancing the quantity and quality of Mutual Funds sales and ensuring better distribution and support services.

The series has two certificate levels:

  1. NISM V-A Certification or (Level-1).

  2. NISM V-C Certification or (Level-2).

Level 1 or Series V-A exam is for individuals who wish to become a Mutual Fund Distributor by registering with the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI). Level 2 or Series V-C exam is for existing Mutual Fund Distributors to enhance their knowledge by understanding advanced mutual fund products, fund valuation, fund performance measurements, investor service, and related regulations.

We now know that the NISM V-A Certification is critical to becoming a member and registering as a Mutual Fund Distributor with AMFI. On obtaining the certification, an individual can register with AMFI by generating their AMFI Registration Number (ARN). Let us learn about this ARN and its significance. To know more, click here.

  • The AMFI Registration Number is a unique code issued by AMFI to mutual fund distributors or agents to authorize them to sell or market units of mutual fund schemes to investors. The ARN is a mandatory identification without which no organization or individual can legally distribute or sell units of MF schemes.

  • The ARN code is a measure to ensure transparency in the market, regulate mutual fund distributors and safeguard investors. To obtain ARN Number, an individual must register as an intermediary with AMFI. To facilitate the registration, the individual must receive a NISM certification by clearing an exam conducted by NISM. We have already explained the NISM Certification in the previous paragraph.

The ARN Significance:

The ARN number is critical for agents and distributors who market or sell units of mutual funds schemes to investors. Let us now learn about the significance of the AMFI Registration Number:

  • An ARN code acts as proof of identity and legitimacy of a mutual fund distributor, agent, or advisor.

  • In today’s era of rising scams and fraud cases, the ARN code assures investors that the mutual fund distributor is genuine and follows AMFI’s code of conduct and ethics.

  • The registration number also helps investors track assets the mediator enlisted.

  • An ARN code also proves beneficial if the investor changes the mutual fund distributor.

  • Moreover, the AMFI ARN is also helpful in calculating the brokerage or commission earned by the advisor, agent, distributor, etc.

What is MFD Karein Shuru Campaign?

  • The MFD Karein Shuru Campaign launched by AMFI targets diverse groups, including fresh graduates, small business owners, retired individuals, finance professionals, women trying to enter the workforce, and even those considering a career shift to become mutual fund distributors. AMFI promotes its campaign through various mediums, including television commercials, print & digital media advertising, and through its existing members.

  • With the Indian mutual funds industry accelerating towards steady growth in the coming years, this is the ideal time to consider choosing the career path of becoming a mutual fund distributor. This promising career benefits in 3 ways: expand the Indian mutual funds industry, encourage people to start investing in mutual funds, and enable mutual fund distributors to become financial advisors and help investors achieve their financial goals. It also helps mutual fund distributors grow professionally and build successful careers for themselves.

Frequently Asked Question About MFD Business Karein Shuru:

What exactly is MFD and what does it do?

MFD stands for "Mutual Fund Distributor." A mutual fund distributor is a person or company that works as a go-between for mutual fund firms and investors. They help investors navigate the investment process by providing information on various mutual fund schemes and enabling the purchase and sale of mutual fund units.

How do Mutual Fund Distributors earn money?

Is it mandatory to pass the NISM Series VA Exam to start an MFD business?

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