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Assetplus invests

Join us as we change the way India invests.

We are a place to learn, grow, and succeed - at work and in life.

We are One of India's Fastest-Growing Investment Platforms

Headquartered in Chennai, AssetPlus is a fin-tech startup that offers a tech-first solution to financial advisors and mutual fund distributors.

We are a team of Gen-Zs and millennials focused on digitalizing the investment sector in the country.

AssetPlus is one of the first companies to bring innovative technology to the field of mutual fund distribution in India.

With the success of our platform, our talent pool grew. From a team of five in 2018, we grew to become 130 Employee in less than Nine Years.

And We are Not Stopping!

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Our Ideology

We’re an energetic and hard-working group of passionate individuals that believe financial literacy is the need of the hour for India.

Ambitious, eager and enthusiastic, but always willing to push the boundaries of innovation for the benefit of our customers & partners.

We are the India's leading financial software for Mutual Fund Distributors.

AssetPlus Leadership Team






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Our work culture

Explore our Job opportunities and take the First Step towards a Rewarding Career with Assetplus

Career with Assetplus
We believe
Freedom, Trust, and Responsibility
lets our People thrive.
"Join us at AssetPlus, where your ideas lead to innovation and your dedication shapes the future of investment. Together, we can transform the financial landscape and create opportunities for growth and success."
Career as Mutual Fund Distributor
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