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NISM V-A Certification: Become a Mutual Fund Distributor

Are you interested in becoming a Mutual Funds Distributor and helping investors manage their mutual fund investments? All you need to do is appear for the NISM V-A exam and receive the certification to become a registered Mutual Funds Distributor.

Here are eight simple guidelines to help you in your journey to appear & qualify for the NISM V-A exam and obtain the NISM Certification for becoming a registered Mutual Funds Distributor. Read through the bonus point: How to commence your business and become a successful Mutual Funds Distributor!


The NISM Series V-A Certification aims to make candidates:

  1. Know the basics of mutual funds, including their features, structure, and various mutual fund schemes.

  2. Understand the process of distributing mutual funds in the marketplace, evaluate mutual fund schemes, and recommend suitable products and services to existing and prospective investors in the market.

  3. Become familiar with the legal, accounting, valuation, and taxation aspects of mutual funds and their distribution.

  4. Practice financial planning as an approach to investing in mutual funds, and develop long-term relationships with their clients.


Candidates eligible to appear for the NISM V-A exam include individuals above 18 years of age who have completed a minimum of three years bachelorette degree from any recognized educational institution and who are currently,

  • Being employees of organizations working as mutual fund distributors or,

  • Being employees of any Asset Management Company (AMC), especially those involved in the sales/distribution of mutual funds or,

  • Want to begin a career in the sale/ distribution of mutual funds.


The most important step to succeed in any exam is to have a good knowledge of the syllabus covered, including marks and examination patterns. Here is a quick glimpse of the syllabus and exam pattern of the NISM V-A examination.

  1. The exam is conducted in an offline computer-based model. That is, candidates must appear for the exam at a physical location and take this exam through a computer.

  2. The exam pattern comprises 100 multiple choice questions for 100 marks, and the duration is 2 hours (120 minutes).

  3. The minimum pass mark is 50%, with no negative marking for incorrect answers.

  4. The candidate must pay an amount of Rs.1,500+GST to register for the NISM V-A exam.

  5. The exam is conducted at various locations across India.

  6. Click here to know the syllabus and topic wise weightage.


Now that you know about the syllabus and pattern of the NISM V-A Examination, it’s time to see the enrolment process.

Follow these simple guidelines to register and appear for your NISM V-A exam:


For registration, fill the required details, and attach the following: a passport-size photo, soft-copy of PAN card, and valid proof of address. Verify your details before clicking the submit option.


Upon completion, you will receive the NISM registration number and an account activation link to your registered e-mail addresses. Activate your NISM account by clicking on the link.


You can now successfully log in to your NISM account and proceed to register for the examination by clicking on the “enrolment for examination” on the profile page.


Next, select the city and desired examination center to check seat availability.


After selecting the desired location, seat, and time slot, proceed to make payment of fees through the chosen payment gateway. The NISM V-A exam fee is Rs.1500+GST. You will receive a confirmation through e-mail & SMS on making the payment.


You can download the soft-copy of the study material or workbook on successful registration on the NISM website. There is also an option to purchase a hard copy of the same.

This workbook is comprehensive and covers the whole syllabus of the exam.


Do not forget to carry the following on the day of your exam:

  • Printout of Admit Card downloaded from the NISM account enrolment tab

  • Copy of any valid identity proof

The invigilator shall allow candidates to appear for the exam post verification of the same.


Get ready to prepare and ace your NISM V-A exam. Here are some essential tips to guide you in your preparation.

  1. One mistake any examination candidate will make is getting confused between multiple versions of online and offline study materials. Candidates appearing for the NISM V-A examination can eliminate this chaos as the official workbook provided by the NISM website is more than sufficient.

  2. The next crucial step is planning and practice. Create and follow an effective study plan to cover each lesson/topic. Keep practicing the challenging concepts. Stay consistent and focused in your preparation.

  3. During the exam, plan your time sufficiently to attempt the full 100 marks in 2 hours. Attempt the easy questions first to get more time to solve the tougher ones.

  4. NISM offers mock tests that have helped candidates prepare for their NISM V-A Certification Examination. These mock tests not only aid in measuring the preparation level but also make candidates familiar with the exam pattern, thereby reducing anxiety on exam day. Click here to give a try of the mock tests.

Click here to receive more expert tips and guidance.


The results of the NISM V-A examination will be displayed on the screen immediately upon completion. The exam is assessed electronically to avoid possible human error and intervention, so revaluation of scores is not permitted. NISM also does not allow the disclosure of questions asked in the exam to maintain the confidentiality of the program.

Upon successful completion of the examination and announcement of results, a Digital Certificate will be displayed and mailed to the candidate, who will also be notified via email & SMS.


Individuals must possess a valid PAN card, the details of which must be submitted either while registering for the examination or before the receipt of certification. The NISM V-A Certificate is awarded to qualified candidates only when valid PAN Card details are submitted.


The NISM V-A certificate is valid for three years from the issue date (or the exam date). Candidates must complete the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) program or successfully pass another NISM V-A exam for renewing the validity of the certification.


Now that you know all about the NISM Series V-A Certificate, including tips to ace the examination, know the next steps after qualifying and receiving the NISM V-A Certificate. The NISM V-A certificate allows you to register with the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) as a Mutual Fund Distributor (MFD). The next step is to commence your business by empanelling with the Asset Management Companies (AMC) and approaching potential investors. But do you know? There are 45+ AMCs in India with over 3000 active mutual funds schemes. Choosing which AMC to empanel and to handle the hundreds of client investments between different funds can be daunting.

We have got you covered. AssetPlus is the right place to empanel with not just a few but all the 45+ AMCs and to start your distributor business in the most convenient way. What is the benefit? It's an entirely online platform for managing your business combined with expert personnel to guide you during times of doubt. Register with your ARN to onboard new & existing clients hassle-free and take your business to the epitome of success.

In addition, you get complete support from qualified and trusted professionals to manage compliance and grievance issues, to build and promote your business through business development guidance and co-branded marketing materials. Also, stay updated on the latest market information and trends through our comprehensive research materials.

It’s time to become an expert in the field of mutual funds & help investors by becoming their trusted investment advisor.

Start your business today. To know more, click here to WhatsApp us.


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