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Presenting the Ultimate Support System: Support Tickets

Updated: Feb 27

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction

  • Problems faced by MFDs

  • What is the right solution?

  • Presenting the ultimate support system: Support Tickets

  • Why use Support Tickets?

  • Features & Advantages of Support Tickets

  • How to create a Support Ticket 

  • Conclusion

Support Tickets


Often, Mutual Fund Distributors face various hassles in their day-to-day operations, right from regulatory compliance and client acquisition to portfolio management and technological integration. These challenges are further aggravated by the need to stay informed about market trends and product offerings in a constantly evolving financial environment. Understanding these hurdles and efficiently navigating them is essential for anyone looking to thrive in the Mutual Fund Distribution business.

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Problems Faced by MFDs

Certain operational challenges, including handling offline transactions, addressing order-related queries, navigating KYC processes, and resolving payment issues present significant challenges  for Mutual Fund Distributors (MFDs). These tasks are time-consuming and divert attention from their main goals of advising clients and expanding their portfolio. 

Additionally, updating client details, integrating with RTA systems, and managing external investments add to the complexity of their daily operations. These operational issues can slow down service, affect client satisfaction, and hinder the overall growth of an MFD's business. Thus it becomes imperative to find efficient solutions to these common problems.

What is the Right Solution?

To address these diverse operational challenges faced by MFDs, a robust solution is needed that can streamline processes, reduce administrative burdens, and enhance client satisfaction. 

A comprehensive solution integrating the power of technology and expertise of human personnel will serve as the ideal solution to drive away operational hassles.

Presenting the Ultimate Support System: Support Tickets

This feature in the AssetPus Dashboard emerges as the perfect remedy to address your frequent business challenges. With a streamlined process and minimal resolution time, Support Tickets ensure efficient, trackable, and timely solutions to almost any challenge faced by MFDs in their day-to-day operations. 

Why Use Support Tickets

A few obstacles faced by MFDs in their day-to-day business activities include:

  • Offline transactions

  • Order-related queries

  • KYC updates

  • Payment issues

  • Mandates

  • CAS File issues

  • Updating changes in client details, etc...

With Support Tickets, you can stay relieved from the time consuming processes of managing queries and troubles through a streamlined resolution process in a centralized platform. This helps MFDs to be rest assured to leave their queries to dedicated experts and focus on the most important business areas of increasing sales and providing expert investment guidance.

Features & Advantages of Support Tickets
Categorized Solutions:

Various types of queries - be it account activation, payment discrepancies, or RTA integration are categorized in a structured manner to ensure prompt resolution by the right experts. This categorization facilitates a more organized approach to problem-solving and enhances overall resolution quality.

Quick Response Time

Speed is the essence in resolving operational issues. Our system is engineered to deliver quick responses within just five minutes which ensures reduced waiting times and prompt solutions. This rapid response minimizes the impact of recurring issues on daily operations, allowing for smoother and more efficient client service.

Quick Resolution

We prioritize tickets based on their urgency and impact on business operations. This prioritization ensures that critical issues are addressed swiftly to prevent interruptions and result in smoother business conduct.

Complete Documentation and History

Our Support Tickets are built to document each and every step of the issue resolution process, providing a complete history of each ticket. This practice is crucial for ensuring accountability, aids in understanding past issues, and prevents recurrence of similar problems in the future.

Keeping Everyone in Loop

The effective communication model adopted in the Support process ensures seamless flow of information with regard to status of resolutions across relevant stakeholders including MFDs, respective Relationship Managers(RMs), and clients, wherever required.

Reference and Re-open Option

Sometimes, queries need to be revisited for reference. Whether additional information becomes available or the problem recurs, our Support Ticket feature offers the flexibility to reference and re-open closed tickets. 

Transaction/Reference ID to Keep Track

Every support ticket raised is assigned a unique transaction or reference ID which enables tracking the progress of resolution. It simplifies the process of managing and following up on tickets, providing a clear and easy way to referrer to specific issues or actions taken.

Transparent Tracking

Transparency is key to trust and efficiency. By providing real-time updates on the progress of queries, Support Ticket gives  a clear view of the resolution process from raising a ticket to closing it. This transparency offers peace of mind and assurance on your queries getting resolved effectively.

Need Help? Know How You Can Create a Support Ticket


In conclusion, Support Tickets serve as a game changer for Mutual Fund Distributors by offering practical solutions to navigate everyday operational hurdles. By simplified and efficient solutions, MFDs can not just cut through operational noise but also focus on what matters most: growing their business and serving their clients better.

Navigate your business troubles easily with Support Tickets. 

Need help? Create a Support Ticket now...

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