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Meet the Future of Fund Recommendation: Fund Finder

Updated: Apr 25

Fund Finder

Are you ready to explore the Future of Fund Recommendations

Mutual Fund Distributors work hard and spend a lot of time researching suitable funds for their clients. This is not an easy task: Every investor is unique and so are their preferences and requirements.

Some prefer SIP, some prefer Lumpsum. Plus, everyone has their own investment time, risk tolerance, and fund preferences. It takes a lot of time to figure out which fund suits whom.

At AssetPlus, we understand your challenges. Your time and energy are precious. Hence to help you make the best use of them, we have made this whole process simple and easier for you.

Introducing you to Fund Finder: Your Shortcut to Suitable Fund Recommendations

An effective and first-of-a-kind tool that makes recommending funds as easy as 1 2 3. 


  1. Fast, 

  2. Smart, and 

  3. Tailored to your investors' needs.

With Fund Finder, you can create professional mutual fund proposals in less than 10 seconds.  But how? 

We've got a team of experts with over 60 years of experience in analytics and mutual funds. So, you get recommendations that fit your clients like a glove.

Where to find a Fund Finder?

There are 3 ways to access Fund Finder:

  1. From the New Transaction section: Select the client>>New Transaction>>Fund Finder

  2. From the Cart section: Select the client>>cart section>>Fund finder

  3. From the Planning Section: Select the client >>Mutual funds>>planning section>>Fund finder

Now that you know how to access the fund finder let's see how it works. Once you open Fund Finder, you'll be prompted with two investment options: Lumpsum or SIP. Simply choose the one that fits your client's needs.

Next, input the amount your client wants to invest and select their desired time horizon from the dropdown menu.

Once you've filled in these details, click "Find Funds."  You'll then be presented with different portfolios under the three risk categories: Conservative, Moderate, and Aggressive. 

Pick the one that aligns best with your client's requirements.

Let’s deep dive into understanding Fund Finder. Here are two scenarios:

  • SIP investment

  • LumpSum investment

Situation 1 - SIP of 5000 with tenure of 10+ years
Investment Type: SIP Amount: Rs. 5000 Time Horizon: 10+ Years

Once you input the above details, you'll receive three different portfolios: Conservative, Moderate, and Aggressive, each offering various fund options.  Choose the one that suits your investor best. There's also an option to customize the recommendations where you can tweak the portfolio by adding or deleting funds to better fit your client's preferences.

Once you finalize the recommendation from your end, share a professional portfolio recommendation with your name and branding to your clients via Email or simply download it in a PDF format for any other mode of sharing.

Situation 1 - Lumpsum investment of Rs. 6 Lakhs for 7 years
Investment Type: Lumpsum Amount: Rs 600000 Time Horizon: 7 Years

Similar to SIP, you'll receive three portfolio recommendations viz Conservative, Moderate, and Aggressive, along with customizable options to tailor the portfolio according to your client's needs.

Additional perks of Fund Finder

Under Fund Finder, you can:

  • Delete or add funds.

  • Adjust the investment amount.

  • Share the customized portfolio with clients via email or download.

  • Personalize your message.

  • Proceed to checkout and notify the client of the chosen options.

  • Save investment proposals for future reference.

With the Fund Finder tool we aim to revolutionize the fund recommendation process, offering swift, well-informed, and personalized solutions tailored to the needs of your investors. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting, get personalized mutual fund proposals for your investors now and take the first step towards smarter, more informed investing.  For any questions or assistance with Fund Finder, contact your RM or raise a support ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Fund Finder do and what is its working principle?

Fund Finder gives fund recommendations basis the following principles:

  • Long-term goals over short-term trends

  • Diversification market coverage

  • Equity investing volatility and rewards

  • Consideration of risk tolerance

  • Control over the investment portfolio

Why should you use Fund Finder?

How does Fund Finder pick suitable funds?

What do Conservative, Moderate, and Aggressive mean?

How many funds will be recommended by Fund Finder?

What if the recommended funds seem too conservative or aggressive?

What should not be expected from Fund Finder?

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