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Father's Day: An investing approach

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Father’s day is a day that signifies a mark of respect more than anything else. Fathers play one of the most important roles in building and shaping their children’s mindsets. Fathers, in many cases, are the first heroes for their children, and in a lot more cases, an uncanny villain in the eyes of the children, but eventually turns out to be a selfless hero as and when children grow older. Every father’s major wish is to see their children happy and successful. In that process, they are willing to let go of their dreams.

The father’s role is not limited to just an emotional bond but also plays a vital part in satisfying financial aspects like education, healthcare, recreation, etc. Every father would plan certain goals or necessities for their children. Some of the main ones are:

  1. Children’s education: By far, the most crucial aspect of any individual’s life is education. With rising costs and increasing inflation, it is prudent to save for education, starting from kindergarten to college fees to post-graduation. Education Inflation is one of the highest in India and is set to increase further. Starting early to save and build a good corpus helps in achieving the goal without much stress!

  2. Children’s wedding: Wedding expenses can often be a costly and laborious arrangement. In modern days, many opt for a simple wedding but saving up and investing in the right avenues would have strengthened the overall corpus, which can be used for wedding planning.

  3. Inculcating Financial Discipline: Fathers extend their saving and investing patterns to children. They are, in many cases, the first financial advisors to their children and help them plan their finances when they mature. Teaching them at a young stage helps children become more aware of their financial needs and wants, which goes a long way in making prudent financial decisions throughout their life.

  4. Wealth Corpus: In the modern age, setting up a decent wealth corpus makes their children financially secure when they reach their 20s and helps them to make brave decisions by getting entrepreneurial activities, thanks to the wealth corpus created by their father. This not only helps in allowing children to explore and experiment with what they aspire for in their career but also helps them manage finances cautiously at a young age.

Fathers make the biggest sacrifices, not for what they want in life, but for what they can provide for their children. Fathers never want their children to suffer or go through difficulties that they would have faced at a young age, and hence are more than keen to give up on their luxuries to see their children happy and prosperous. Fathers are the perpetual heroes of our human civilization. A mindset that is not just caring and loving but filled with responsibilities till they live.

Planning for these goals is crucial; starting early will help achieve them in the desired time frame. Mutual Funds are the best tools available as they compound over long periods, especially when the time frame is of more than 10+ years!

A heartfelt thanks to my dear father. Forever indebted to him. Happy Father’s day!

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