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Say Hello to
Stress-free Insurance Sales with

 Guaranteed Claim Assistance 

  • Sell with confidence, knowing that our Guaranteed Claim Assistance team handles all post-sales support.

  • Focus on sales, while we take care of the rest.


Prioritising Your Claim Support

We have introduced a 5-Level Transfer System to ensure your calls on claim assistance are always answered on priority.

5 Level System for your
Clients' Claim Calls

Our 5-level support system starting from a claim representative and ultimately ending at the CEO's desk ensures undivided attention to all your clients' calls for claim support thus providing ultimate peace of mind.

Level 1: Initial contact with our Claim Assistant Representative

Level 2: If call is unanswered, it will connect to the Claim Expert

Level 3: If unattended, the call will get transferred to the Claim Specialist

Level 4: If response is pending, it will redirect to the Head of Insurance

Level 5:  If line is busy, it will ultimately be forwarded to the CEO

You Focus on Your Business.
We Handle the Claims.

Experience the ease of managing your business without the burden of handling complex Insurance claims.

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Stress-Free Selling

Sell Insurance without any stress with our Guaranteed Claim Assistance providing all post-sales support.

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24/7 Support

Dial 080-6977-2000 for


claim support.

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Enhance Client Satisfaction

Build clients' trust and nurture strong client relationships

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No More Claim Hassle

Our team handles all client queries, allowing you to concentrate on boosting your sales.

AssetPlus Founder

Discover How Guaranteed Claim Assistance can

Transform your approach to Insurance Sales.

Welcome to the Future of
 Stress-free Insurance Sales 
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