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Mutual fund Nominations

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

As per SEBI regulations, investors who are holding mutual fund units have the choice of either providing the Mutual fund Nominations or Opt out of Nomination, on or before Sep 30, 2023, failing which the folios shall be frozen for debits/redemption. All IFAs are advised to reach out to their clients for which Mutual fund Nominations is pending and get it done at the earliest.

Mutual fund Nominations

How to Get the Mutual Fund Nomination form

To view list of clients, IFA's can navigate to Reports -> Business Reports -> Mutual fund Nominations Pending Report.

CAMS Nomination Opt-in/Opt-out

  1. Visit CAMS Online here

  2. Enter your PAN

  3. Verify via email/mobile (NRI Investors / Resident Investors traveling outside India, should verify via email)

  4. Choose your mutual fund

  5. Choose investments with Mode of Holding

  6. Choose Register Nominee - All folios for which nominee details are not entered will appear here. If you do not wish to provide nominee details, you can opt out by selecting Mutual fund Nominations opt-out as well

Kfintech Nomination Opt-in/Opt-Out

  1. Visit KFintech here

  2. Enter the details - PAN, Mode of Holding, Select Folio Option, Email/Mobile

  3. Verify with OTP

  4. Select your fund and enter the nominee name, alternatively if you want you can otp out as well by selecting OTP out

  5. Another OTP verification will be done to confirm the changes


If you wish to go by offline mode, you can download the offline Mutual fund Nominations forms from below and submit it to the CAMS/Kfintech office:

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