• Mayank Sahay

Mandatory: Link PAN & Aadhaar by Mar 31

Updated: Oct 28

As per various circulars issued by SEBI, linking your PAN and Aadhaar is mandatory for all transactions in the securities market (including mutual fund investments). The deadline for the same is March 31, 2022. If your clients' PAN and Aadhaar are not linked

  • They will not be able to perform any mutual fund transactions

  • Any SIPs/STPs/SWPs registered in the folio will be suspended

  • They may face a deduction of higher taxes at source on any income distribution by the mutual fund.

To check if PAN is linked with Aadhaar, click here

How to link PAN with Aadhaar

Via e-Filing Website

  • Visit the Income Tax e-Filing website to link PAN with AADHAAR

  • Enter PAN and Aadhaar number in the respective fields

  • Enter the name as mentioned in the Aadhaar card

  • Click ‘Link Aadhaar’

Via SMS:

  • Type UIDPAN<12 Digit Aadhaar> <10 Digit PAN> to start the process

  • Send the message via SMS to either 567678 or 56161 from registered mobile number for PAN

AssetPlus Dashboard has a new "Aadhaar PAN Link Report" under Reports -> Business Reports.

This will show list of clients who still don't have PAN and Aadhaar linked